Route Poll Results + Plans

Hi there, friends! 

As mentioned in the previous devlog, the patreons of the Hero tier and above voted on how much we will be focusing on each route and in what order. 

The winner of this round of voting was Mnesis! As such, the next update will comprise the beginning of his route after the common route ends with build 3. Since the patrons voted for a rotating schedule, the update after that will focus on another character (namely, Superfang), followed by the last of the trio. 

As this is all still quite new to us, I will be evaluating how the rotating schedule is working out. Assuming everything goes smoothly, from now on each new update will progress a different route. We will discuss if it would make sense to hold a vote for each new 'cycle', to see who'll be getting the update first, but that's a conversation for another day. 

The rotating schedule also means that we will also be taking a little extra time on each build so as to deliver a more substantial chunk of the story. Since we won't be seeing the route for a couple months at least, I would like to make sure we spend enough time with each of our superheroes. 

Of course, this doesn't mean that the other characters will vanish from the narrative. The Sentinels are a team, after all, and as such they'll all have a role to play, no matter whose route we're on at the moment. 

As for the upcoming release of build 3, apart from new story content, we will also be having some exciting new assets, including, finally, a side image for Nick, who will now show up on screen (in portrait form) at the appropriate moments. 

See you then!  

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I actually thought Baron would be first ngl


Same not gonna lie


Eh, I like Baron the least lol